EXPERT ENUNCIATION – or – The Art of Clear Speaking!

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GOOD ENUNCIATION – Do people still know what this means? Is clear speaking even necessary in these times of hi-tech microphones and electronic amplification or is it a dying art? THE VOICE – is crucial to clear communication and a deciding factor in how you come across. Especially now, in this age of global networking in English - a second or third language for many, it is essential that your message be understood.

POOR ENUNCIATION especially creates difficulties when we speak publicly, during Internet meetings or webinars or on the phone.

HOWEVER, a few simple techniques can easily solve this issue. In this fun, interactive workshop we will draw from stage performing skills for more vocal power and variety, we will learn about efficient breathing and easy yet effective voice-coaching exercises will introduce us to the art of good articulation. By implementing these effective tools your colleagues will understand you better; your phone and Skype clients will want to listen, and when on the podium, your public will really appreciate your talents as an EXCELLENT ENUNCIATOR!


  • Performer´s know-how for speaking and presence
  • Simple warm-ups for the voice
  • Fun and easy enunciation exercises for clearer speech
  • Interactive text and tongue-twisting games


  • Discover your own vocal potential
  • Gain insight into performer’s secrets for delivering your message
  • Find more clarity and vocal presence with easy exercises
  • Come away with a sense of aliveness and well being

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