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Extreme: the power of will

Lecture by
Norman Buecher

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Extreme: the power of will

Lecture contents

  • Achieving goals through better questions
  • One's own attitude determines victory or defeat
  • "I Will": the No. 1 success factor
  • Imagine - Visualize - Achieve goals better
  • Only the next step counts: Concentration on the essentials

Motivational speaker Norman Bücher: speech EXTREME - THE POWER OF WILL

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Extreme: the power of will

The lecture to the successful book “Extreme: The power of will”. The ‘Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc’ is one of the toughest ultra-mountain races in the world. What moves people to face such an extreme challenge? Almost four long marathons in a row, ten difficult mountain passes through high alpine terrain and 9,400 meters altitude difference have to be mastered. In 14 days, extreme athlete Norman Buecher crossed the Atacama Desert in Chile, covering 600 kilometres and an incredible 6,000 meters in altitude. A dangerous run through the Brazilian jungle takes the endurance runner to his limits. This is the world of extreme athlete Norman Buecher, which he will present in his lecture “Extreme: The power of will” and show the audience the secrets of the willpower of an extreme athlete.

“Use the power of will and create incredible things!” That’s what Global Topspeaker Norman Buecher stands for. In his extremely stirring talk on willpower and selfmotivation, endurance runner Norman Buecher introduces his audience to the secrets of his mental strength and shows how willpower can be used to break rigid boundaries and motivate oneself to achieve incredible results.

In his lecture on willpower, the extreme sportsman and Global Topspeaker shows how breaking boundaries works in extreme sports and equally in business. In addition, he will pass on his success factor No.1 to the audience, talk about the magic of setting goals and how the head and mental strength develops from being the biggest opponent into the best friend.

The adventurer and author, who has taken part in more than 80 marathons and ultra-marathons, illustrates in his visually stunning and exciting presentation about willpower how extreme and incredible achievements become possible for everyone. And above all: Everything is achievable if you use your willpower correctly.

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Just imagine: the entire staff of your company doesn’t consider their tasks as a job, or even work, but as an extreme and thrilling adventure! An adventure as the ultimate challenge with all its highs and lows, corners and edges that make up a real adventure. An adventure where everyone works on the same goal, not letting themselves be taken off course by storms, rainfall or other surprises along the way to the set goal. An adventure which above all has one goal: to enjoy themselves and being successful together, exactly what Normal Bücher appeals for in this special keynote speech!


Endurance runner Norman Buecher shows in his powerful presentation relying on the extreme sport, using the example of his successful extreme runs such as the “Run tot the Rock” or the “Atacama Challenge”, how to turn great visions into reality. In a fascinating and visually stunning way, he illustrates how boundaries between the known and the unknown are mastered – between the reliable comfort zone and the new terrain of an extreme challenge. As a motivation expert and Global Topspeaker, Norman Buecher skilfully draws the bow to professional life in his lecture on extreme sports. In doing so, the endurance runner presents the similarities as well as the transfer from adventure to everyday business life in an informative, exciting and entertaining way.

7 continents: the youth lecture

For over seven years, endurance runner and youth ambassador Norman Buecher has been running around the world. He collects the concerns of children and young people to take them to the UN General Assembly. It is the longest and probably most unusual running expedition worldwide and a new challenge for the endurance runner. Just under 20,000 kilometres – that corresponds to a distance half a time around the world. The endurance runner passes 7 continents, 70 countries and countless places. By foot. From Berlin to Istanbul, via Delhi to Dhaka and on to the UN General Assembly in New York. With the mission as a youth ambassador to highlight the goals, dreams and fears of the generation of tomorrow.


Motivation is on everyone’s lips, there are many motivational coaches. But: What does motivation actually mean? How doe I emerge motivated from setbacks? How can motivation really be motivating? In this unique lecture on the topic of motivation, endurance runner and motivational trainer Norman Buecher shows that setbacks and defeats are also part of the motivation cycle and how one always finds the way back to motivation. Through his experiences in extreme sports he has developed a “trial and error mentality” for himself and has learned how to return from setbacks, defeats and negative experiences motivated and strengthened.


As a rule, humans do not even exhaust ten percent of their mental capacity. In this lecture on goal achievement, you will learn how to make full use of your potential. As an endurance runner, Norman Buecher knows that in an extreme race, 80% of the race happens in the mind and therefore decides on success or defeat. Mental strength decides whether you arrive or give up, whether you reach your goal or fail. This is the parallel between extreme sports and business: In this exciting and visually stunning lecture on goal achievement, managers and teams learn how self-motivation grows, willpower increases, and mental strength contributes to goal achievements.