Fight - Fall - Rise again

Lecture by
Christa Kinshofer

Fight - Fall - Rise again

Global Top Speaker Christa Kinshofer »Kinsi« was at the top of her game, accustomed to success and a media darling. Then suddenly a stroke of fate catapulted her back to the bottom of the career ladder.

The professional sportswoman and speaker fell. And fell hard. But she struggled on and refused to give up. After being forced to leave the German national ski team, she was faced with a career in ruins. How she got back on her feet and worked systematically to achieve her absolute goal – her comeback – is the subject of this touching, engrossing and highly motivating presentation.

Together with her ladies‘ ski teammates at the time, she went through the bitter experience of what it can mean for success when management and policy makers neglect to introduce innovation and change. Therefore, one of her main messages to companies today is an urgent appeal to focus on technological and communications progress to ensure that they never miss the boat.

How often are employees, but also managers, faced with setbacks? How often are company projects changed or cancelled, thus wiping out all the hard work done to that point? How often do people have to adapt to new situations, typical “change situations“? Keynote speaker Christa Kinshofer shows how to keep motivated, stay on track and keep the big picture at such times, with emotional examples from her own career; a career which has been anything but easy.

You will hear and learn:

  • How to learn from drawbacks and defeat
  • How to stay on course despite all obstacles
  • How to mentally accept the ups and downs of life
  • How to strengthen your belief in yourself and your strengths

Learn from fascinating examples from the fast, demanding world of competitive skiing. Learn from a strong, dynamic woman with willpower of steel, who just refused to give up.

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