focusing on people - self-management is changing

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focusing on people - self-management is changing

In business, new technologies as well as cost and time constraints are continuously increasing, the tasks are becoming more complex and versatile and competition is intensifying: No matter whether in a small family business, a mid-sized company or in a corporation, executives and entrepreneurs by definition bear a big responsibility and have to act as a role model. Many succeed in staying on the ball over a long period of time – motivated and successful. Those constantly overachieving, however, who at the same time have to fight on all fronts and are responsible for employees as well, run the risk of ending up on the dreaded hamster wheel.

Norman Graeter is an expert for goal achievement and advocates a totally new leadership culture, however. The future will definitively change us. So, why wait instead of taking the first step? Change starts with the employees and executives themselves. Human centricity. Focusing on the human being. This insight may start with the executive and be exemplified.

In his inspiring presentation, the motivation coach demonstrates: Real responsibility as an executive and entrepreneur means focusing on the essential instead of exploiting oneself! The focus has to shift from “Who am I and what do I do” to “Why do I do it”. Values, a healthy corporate culture and a clear vision are the key to success and growth. If these are in line with the values of the executive and are truly lived, the future is secure. Disruption means turning one’s back on the old „top down“ mentality and embracing a more human and holistic way of thinking and working. Graeter presents his experiences in a totally honest and authentic way and tells the audience how „doing more to achieve more“ almost destroyed his whole life and career. Disruptive means doing something differently than before. This presentation will show you how executives can harmonise all areas of life and as a result will be more successful than before. It will be different from what you expect. And this is exactly where the new future begins.

Global Topspeaker and bestseller author Norman Graeter addresses his presentation to executives, entrepreneurs and thus to all people with a high level of responsibility. With his extraordinarily captivating and authentic manner, the double European Champion in public speaking and coach of the year 2017 also convincingly demonstrates at customer events that good leadership always begins with good self-management. For only if the boss is doing well, the team is backing him or her!! An exemplary role and trust come from within.

Based on many practical tips, Norman Graeter vividly illustrates how executives can stay motivated despite stress, daily challenges and the pressure to excel and why the balance of all personal areas of life is an essential factor in terms of holistic and long-lasting success.

Contents for executives who have the courage to be different:

  • Figure out WHY you do your work
  • Identify your values - for these attract the right employees
  • What are the 5 juggling balls of life all about
  • How to become an inspiring role model
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„Would you like to accomplish something special in your life, do you have higher goals?“ 29% say yes, 65% no and 6% say I don’t know (source: Statista 2013). Those who belong to the 65% of the interviewees who answered „no“ cannot even be helped with inspiration about new things. Those, however, who have realized that life has to offer much more than Hartz 4 (unemployment benefit) and 20 hours of TV, can be helped.

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