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From USP to UPP: Those who "only" sell, no longer sell anything

Lecture by
Katja Porsch

From USP to UPP: Those who "only" sell, no longer sell anything

Lecture contents

  • How the UPP secures your unique position on the market
  • Why the sales talk of the future can no longer be planned
  • How you can go from being an information broker 2.0 to a relationship tuner 4.0!

KATJA PORSCH - Über mich

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From USP to UPP: Those who "only" sell, no longer sell anything

Anyone who hides behind the product as a salesperson has no chance now or in the future! Customers can inform themselves online about every product down to the smallest detail and thus become experts themselves. What entitles you as a salesperson to sell your product? Develop away from a positioning via the product and put yourself and your personality in the focus! Away from USP to UPP, Unique Personal Proposition!

In her sales lecture, Katja Porsch focuses on the person behind the salesperson and shows that in sales, the relationship with the customer is the key to success. Katja Porsch herself has years of experience in sales and was one of the strongest saleswomen in the real estate industry. She asserted herself in a tough male domain. During this time, she has experienced ups and downs and learned one thing: success is no coincidence and has nothing to do with luck or talent.

The lecture "From USP to UPP" shows how you can establish a doer mindset in yourself, your managers or your salespeople. In this way, you do not make your success dependent on external circumstances, but develop motivated salespeople in the long term!

In times of online consultations, robots and chats often take over the support tasks that were once carried out by salespeople themselves. You can actively put a stop to this development by focusing on the personality and emotions in the sales talk and in the encounter with potential customers. Because one thing is clear: our interbrain cannot be replaced!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Thanks to this lecture, develop yourself away from an information broker into a relationship tuner. Learn concrete instructions from an experienced saleswoman and become more visible for customers and more unique in sales talks with your team!

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