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With the spreading of smart phones, digitisation presented us with a second brain for our trouser pocket. However, thanks to new technologies, our brain itself will also change in the future. In his presentation, the brain researcher, holder of a doctorate and Global Topspeaker Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad gives a ground-breaking overview of the latest questions and findings in brain research that very soon will have an impact on our private and professional life. How does our brain deal with the new media? The exceptional scientist shows his audience how our mind interacts with these new technologies, which opportunities and risks they harbour and how companies may prepare for these future developments in good time. 

In his presentation, Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad takes his audience on a journey to the brain’s future. Based on current brain research, the memory expert gives recommendations on how companies can align their business models and strategies accordingly and thus be a “mental” step ahead of the competition.

Currently, Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad is working at the Dutch Donders Institute in Nijmegen, studying the impact of modern gadgets such as data glasses on our brain. He knows the topics neuroscientists are currently researching all over the world. He uses the term „future brain“, when he explains which research results soon will have an impact on our society. The experienced speaker and science slammer mixes fascinating and at the same time highly complex insider knowledge with humour and entertainment in this lively presentation. To the brain researcher, terms such as „systematic stimulation of the brain“ and „learning in your sleep“ are not science fiction but an opportunity to increase one’s mental performance and one’s power of concentration in everyday life. How this works is only one aspect Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad addresses in his presentation.

Studies regarding the impact of diet and sleep on the activity of our brain also play a role. Furthermore, the researcher provides a fascinating insight into how scientists nowadays can read out information from our brain – techniques that bring new findings to light for the researchers but may just as well be exploited systematically by hackers.

Contents of the presentation:

  • Future brain: The latest findings in brain research
  • Change your brain: How future inventions will change our mental performance
  • Update your brain: How new technologies may improve our memory
  • Hack your brain: How our brain can be read out and be manipulated

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