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Future brain - how technology changes our thinking

Lecture by
Boris Nikolai Konrad

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Future brain - how technology changes our thinking

Future brain - how technology changes our thinking

How will future technologies change our ability to think and remember? How can we optimise our memory? And how vulnerable is our brain? In his lecture, the brain researcher and 5-star speaker Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad gives a trend-setting overview of the latest questions and findings in brain research, which will soon influence our private and professional lives. The exceptional scientist will show his audience how the interaction between our memory and new technologies works, what opportunities and dangers they hold and how companies can prepare for future developments in good time.

In his lecture, Dr Boris Nikolai Konrad takes his audience on a journey into the future of the brain. Based on current brain research, the memory expert will give recommendations for action on how companies can align their business models and business strategies accordingly in order to be one thought step ahead of other competitors in the future.

Dr Boris Nikolai Konrad is currently working at the Dutch Donders Institute in Nijmegen, where he is investigating the effects of modern gadgets such as data glasses on our brains. He knows what neuroscientists are currently researching worldwide. He speaks of the "Future Brain" when he explains which study results will soon have an influence on our society. The experienced speaker and science slammer packs this fascinating and at the same time highly complex insider knowledge into his impulse lecture with wit and entertainment.

Terms such as "targeted brain stimulation" and "learning while sleeping" are not science fiction for the brain researcher, but will soon be a way to increase one's thinking power and ability to concentrate in everyday life. How this works exactly is only one aspect that Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad will illustrate in his lecture. Studies on how nutrition and sleep affect the activity of our brain also play a role. In addition, the researcher will provide a fascinating insight into how scientists today can read information from our brains - techniques that bring valuable insights to light for research, but can also be systematically exploited by hackers.

Lecture content:

  • Future Brain: The latest findings in brain research
  • Change your Brain: How future inventions will change our brain performance
  • Update your Brain: How new techniques can optimise our memory
  • Hack your Brain: How our brain can be read and influenced

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