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What’s „in“ today may already be forgotten tomorrow. A nightmarish thought for many established companies. New technologies, new markets, new players – in the course of globalisation and technologisation, the world of business and production is moving faster and faster. Disruptive business models turn everything upside down. Companies are required to sustainably secure their market position by adapting to future developments and actively driving change. Is „Made in Germany“ in danger? Or do in particular business models „Made in Germany“ have the future potential necessary to meet these challenges?

In his fascinating presentation „Future potential made in Germany”, Global Topspeaker Stefan Jenzowsky introduces creative disruption from the land of poets and thinkers. Silicon Valley versus Silicon Germany. The expert on new, trend-setting business models answers questions regarding Germany’s role as an industrial location and the opportunities for technology-oriented businesses and start-ups as well as the resulting changes for our working, business and living worlds. Based on real life examples, Stefan Jenzowsky demonstrates, what future „Made in Germany“ may look like and how it may work in the face of global competition – even in relation to companies from the Silicon Valley or the Far East.

In his impulse presentation, Stefan Jenzowsky, the experienced lecturer and co-author of the management book “Rule breaker – how people think whose ideas change the word”, appeals to businesses to open up to new ways of thinking and to actively make investments in their own future. For only those who understand the future and deal with it, will succeed in making their own business models sustainable and be able to guard against attacks from other companies. He presents disruptive business models of German companies as well as examples that have already been successfully implemented abroad.

With his stirring presentation, Stefan Jenzowsky proves: Future „Made in Germany“ is possible!

Contents of the presentation:

  • Disruption: Destroying old business models and establishing new ones
  • Made in Germany: The industrial location Germany is fit for the future
  • Trends and drivers of creative disruption
  • Disruptive thinking as a catalyst for innovation and sustainability

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