Have them taking home your message

New services and products, a whole new brand, brand values, a new slogan or that one important key message: Often what sounded just and simple in the consultant’s presentation or directors briefing turns out to be very hard to memorize for the staff. A lot of new content is presented at one kick-off event, but everything is important. Usually, most people attending will only memorize fragments of it, if anything.

And beyond the information, the meeting should be fun as well as engage, motivate and encourage the attending people. With the highly individual keynote lecture, “Have Them Taking Home Your Message” by Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad, this is now possible! You will make sure that your message comes through. While the title is just a placeholder for your content, this fascinating speech will make sure it is all about your message!

Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad is a multi-Guinness World Record holder for memory, established neuroscientist and author. He knows how to engage every audience with his stunning performance. The participants will be amazed and motivated when they realize how much they can improve their own memory with simple exercises. And the best thing is that these interactive exercises will reveal YOUR message that everyone will remember.

The content can be multifold, as these real-life examples demonstrate:

1. New products and services

Real-world example: A medical device manufacturing company introduced a new product, which was presented at a fair to the sales staff of the distribution partners. They should not just remember the new product and its name, but also its advantages compared to rival products. For the presentation there was a time limit of 15 minutes only and the sales people would sit through many more presentations of competing companies. 

Solution: Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad developed a fun and engaging mnemonic story and presented it to hundreds of salespeople of the distributors in a way that they immediately memorized all the new product’s advantages. While listing and joining in, they had so much fun that the presentation was voted the best of the whole fair.

2. Brands and slogans

Real-world example: Right from the advertising agency came a new corporate claim and advertising slogan. An employees’ event was organized to introduce it. The employees of all departments should not just hear the new slogan, but internalize the new corporate values and carry them on with passion.

Solution: Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad integrated the new corporate values into his interactive and fascinating keynote on memory training, and at the end, to a huge surprise and pleasure of the whole audience, it was revealed  that the examples within is talk actually made everyone memorize exactly these values together with the new corporate claim and advertisement slogan.

3. Difficult terminology

Real-world example: An American IT company organized a roadshow through Germany to bring a new software solution to the German market. The audience consisted of IT staff, buyers and various prospective customers from different industries. 

Solution: Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad gave the keynote lecture at each side. The initially skeptical audiences turned into highly engaged ones through his interactive and fun talk and learned some easy mnemonic techniques to remember names, facts or complete speeches as well as difficult terminology and technical terms. He used examples from the different areas of application from the different industries the new software was targeted at to make the event personal for everyone in the audience. The IT company earned best marks for its roadshow from the prospects and celebrated a highly successful market launch.

4. “If you can only remember one thing

Real-world example: A company had its annual summer celebration with talks by the directors in the morning and a company party in the evening. The CEO gave the last speech and summarized the most important points. He closed by saying, “If you can only remember one thing of this morning, this is it!” Half a year later at the Christmas party, he asked his employees which message it was he had stressed so much. To his big disappointment, not a single person could remember. 

Solution: For the next summer party, Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad was booked to give the keynote lecture. He took the CEO’s message and included it with a lot of humor into his engaging talk, having the audience memorize it word by word. The following Christmas, the CEO did not even have to ask before many employees enthusiastically approached him to tell him that they remembered every single word.

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