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The medicine of the future will be dominated by personalized medicine. Whether based on gene analyses or in 3D printing of implants, medicine and, in the broader perspective, organs: The personalized medicine of the future is data-based. Anyone still thinking of scanning handwritten doctor’s letters when digitalising healthcare will find it difficult to follow the changes in the healthcare system in the 2020s. Global Topspeaker and futurologist Michael Carl is convinced: “We are on the verge of a paradigm shift, which means a comprehensive upheaval for working in medical practices and hospitals, but also for pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and laboratories.” In his pioneering lecture the futurologist will show why the medicine of the future will not only become more individual but also why the chances of health and healing will increase.

Michael Carl creates a fascinating picture of the future of the medical industry for the next ten years. With the help of genetic tests, digitalisation opens a completely new view of the human body, its health and the constant optimization of well-being. As a result, the patient of the future expects individual treatment, tailored to his needs and acts preventive. He also won’t come to the doctor’s office when symptoms of illness appear. “Already in the 2020s, people don’t seek the doctor’s signature on a prescription and sick leave. They are looking for a competent partner for their health, there are looking for optimisation”, Michael Carl clarifies in his lecture.

He vividly explains what changes the medicine of the future will bring to healthcare and how doctors, pharmacists and other medical professions can prepare for them. “The structures of the healthcare system must adapt to continuous change. This is the only way to ensure that patients receive long-term care at a high level”, says Michael Carl.

This innovative approach leads to fundamental change in the working environment in medicine and demands a growing IT competence. A requirement that goes far beyond the use of hospital computers. With every progress genetic engineering, biology and medicine are becoming IT themselves. Health as an information science.

New technologies open data in everyday life. Smart algorithms evaluate health data and other information form apps, digital assistance systems, smart home devices and wearables. Thereby almost everything becomes measurable. Based on all these dates, individual diagnosis, therapy methods and medication can then be put together.

It is important for physicians to network more closely than ever before – not only with their patients but also with pharmacists and other health service providers. However, companies outside the industry are also becoming increasingly relevant, starting with nutrition companies and smart home providers. Being an experienced Keynote Speaker, Michael Carl names the strategic drivers that are publishing disruptive business models onto the competitive market of the medical sector, where they are shifting the standards for service, availability, customer orientation and individualisation of offerings.

In his lecture, Keynote Speaker Michael Carl gives a fascinating glimpse into the future of medicine and gives concrete strategic options for meeting the requirements of personalized medicine. He not only provides his audience with important orientation guidelines but also inspires them to take the future into their own hand and develop own strategies for the future.

Contents of lecture:

  • Personalized medicine: successful treatment thanks to individual diagnostics and data-based therapy
  • Patient records: From symptom relief to well-being optimization
  • Networking: Cooperation’s in the healthcare industry are the key to meaningful medicine in the future
  • It’s all in the genes: How medicine becomes information science
  • Competition: Which new business models influence the market

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