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In his keynote, Global Topspeaker and trend researcher Sven Gábor Jánszky turns the public discussion on the loss of values upside down: Those who mourn the loss of good old values share a misconception that is dangerous to your company and to our country as well! The apocalyptic loss of values among young people does not exist – all the same there is a profound change in values that managers need to recognize and then shape.

In view of a world that is becoming increasingly complex and the associated loss of control, a good number of managers long for those good old values that still seem to hold our world in its hinges. This is where the danger lurks! In collaboration with top managers from German corporations, the futurologist and strategic adviser describes in his book „Die Neuvermessung der Werte“ (“The recalibration of values”) how holding on to old values might result in a short-term preservation of power but in mid-term will lead to a loss of relevance. Simply adhering to old values plainly means neglecting the most elementary aspect of the change in values. The truth is: The names of the values remain the same but their meaning is changing rapidly. In order to achieve the same values, one has to act differently today than before.

The futurologist takes his audience on a philosophical journey through the most important corporate values of German companies: Closeness, Safety, Trust, Responsibility, Sustainability Step by step, he translates the core values of your companies into a modern, future-proof conception. However, he is far from an academic debate ivory-tower-style when doing so. His translation of these values has a direct impact on the strategic management of all companies with a value-based leadership style.

With vivid, practical examples, Sven Gábor Jánszky presents his audience with the big leadership questions of the coming years: What is closeness if it no longer is measured in metres? What is freedom if it no longer is created by the ownership of a car? What is trust if the belief in brands diminishes continuously? What is home if patchwork becomes the pattern of life? Our answers to these questions define our technology standards, our business models and corporate structures of the years ahead. Those who do not understand the changing values of our time will soon no longer understand their employees and customers.

Do you want to recover the power to define your corporate values? Then, translate them into your future values in collaboration with the „most innovative German researcher of trends“!

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