how to get off to a good start in network marketing

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Harald Psaridis

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how to get off to a good start in network marketing

how to get off to a good start in network marketing

The first days are crucial in network marketing: In his fascinating presentation, Global Topspeaker Harald Psaridis explains what it takes to build up a network and how to avoid typical rookie mistakes. For what started out wrong when opening a business can never be made right. Therefore, the first steps are the critical ones in multi-level marketing and need to be executed flawlessly. The expert on network marketing therefore gives essential support and always speaks from his own experience as a successful networker.

For Harald Psaridis has not only assisted Europe’s leading financial service companies in implementing said model of direct marketing but in the meantime has also developed his own network into the largest one in Europe. However, although Harald Psaridis meanwhile is one of the leading top managers, he knows what it means to start out small. He is well aware of the challenges, a networker has to face in the beginning, and that many find discouraging.

95 per cent of all new starters in network marketing give up after a short time. How to considerably reduce this high fluctuation rate and how to bind business partners long-term instead, is what the sought-after keynote speaker reveals in his presentation. Harald Psaridis illustrates why especially the first day in multi-level marketing is so important for the training of new organisation members and for conditioning them to the goals of the network. For it’s them who will pass on to new, potential candidates what they have learned in the first weeks and thus become valuable multipliers.

Those who dare to venture into network marketing will save themselves a lot of trouble and disappointment thanks to Harald Psaridis’s presentation. Based on his tips and recommendations, goals can be reached faster and with less effort. In a practical and trendsetting way, the Global Topspeaker illustrates how a „Fast Start” in network marketing will succeed within a period of a few weeks.

Contents of the presentation:

  • How to get off to a successful start in network marketing
  • What to take into account for a business opening
  • Typical rookie mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to draw up potential lists and arrange initial appointments
  • How a “Fast Start” can be realised and how goals can be achieved much quicker

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