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How we will live and work in the future

Lecture by
David Borst

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How we will live and work in the future

Lecture contents

  • Working world: What will jobs look like in ten years?
  • Economy: What are the business models of the future and how is your industry changing?
  • Society: What influence will the change have on values, coexistence and political systems?

Futurist David Borst - Keynote This is how we will live and work in the future

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How we will live and work in the future

The future holds some exciting and unusual questions: Where do you travel with the self-driving hotel room? What do you give your friends for their 300th birthday? What do I do if my washing machine is smarter than I am? How do I want to optimise myself thanks to Medical Health? How will autonomous driving change my working hours? 5-star speaker and futurologist David Borst knows the answers to these questions and takes away the fear of the future in his exciting talk.

David Borst combines fascinating findings from scientific futurology with tangible applications for our daily lives and work in the coming decade. The advancing digitalisation in our working and private lives opens up new possibilities for how industry can connect with consumers and will increasingly become the norm. "The decisive factor is who occupies the interface to the customer, generally placing their product or software on display and thus securing a competitive advantage," David Borst is convinced of this and also conveys this in his Future lecture.

In his lecture Future, the futurologist clarifies the essential visions of the future for a wide range of industries. In addition to consumer behaviour, he also refers to products and the working worlds that result from digital options. Employees and companies are facing new challenges as a result of the digital transformation. The futurologist's helpful tips for the future can help managers adapt to future developments. For example, companies in metropolitan areas will become "fluid companies", whereas companies in more rural regions will develop into "caring companies". In this informative lecture, futurologist David Borst shows which future models will exist and what social effects this could have.

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Mobility of the future

All people in Germany together spend around 30 million hours a day driving a vehicle, navigating through traffic jams or desperately searching for a parking space. Germans love their cars and would not want to do without them in the future. Another important part of getting around is public transport. We are freer than ever in our mobility and at the same time it is undergoing unprecedented change.

Customer and trade of the future

Consumption is a need that is an essential growth driver for modern economies. However, Amazon, Zalando or Alibaba show that customers do not necessarily need the personal aspect of shopping to buy a product. They also expect the same assortment, all payment options and fast delivery from local retailers. Even the actual sales conversation has changed fundamentally due to online retailing. The customer comes to the shop well informed, has researched the price differential and demands excellent customer service. In the coming years, these developments will intensify even further; it is no longer the customer who makes the decision, but the shopping advisors trained by him (Alexa and Co.).

Large corporation vs. start-up

Young, hip and full of innovative power - that's how most people imagine a start-up. But a large corporation also has many advantages over a start-up. But how can you combine the positive aspects of a large corporation with a start-up to achieve maximum success? The 5-star speaker and futurologist David Borst is at home in the world of start-ups due to his work as managing director at 2b AHEAD Ventures and knows how to integrate the Silicon Valley spirit into large commercial groups. In his rousing talk, Borst now gives valuable tips on how to combine the best of these two worlds.

The future is being created today

The future does not come into being by chance, but by people and organisations shaping it with their power. But how do we accept the future as such and how can we manage to shape it with all our might? Future shaper and Managing Director at 2b AHEAD Ventures David Borst deals with questions about the future every day. In his rousing and forward-looking lecture, the 5-star speaker now talks about how we can shape our future together.