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The future holds some exciting and unusual questions in store: Where will you travel with the self-driving hotel room? What gift will you give your friends for their 300th birthday? What will I do if my washing machine is smarter than I am? How would I like to optimise myself thanks to Medical Health? How will autonomous driving change my working hours? Global Topspeaker and futurologist Kai Gondlach knows the answers to these questions and in his exciting presentation calms fears of the future.

Kai Gondlach combines fascinating findings from scientific futurology with tangible applications of our daily life and work in the coming decade. The ongoing digitisation of our working and private lives opens up new opportunities for industries to interact with consumers and will more and more become the norm. Kai Gondlach is convinced: „The decisive factor is who occupies the interface to the customer, places his products or his software on the display and thus secures the competitive advantage“.

In his presentation, the futurologist illustrates the key visions for the future for a wide variety of industries. Apart from consumer behaviour, he also addresses the products and working worlds that will result from these digital options. Employees and companies are faced with new challenges. Thanks to the futurologist’s helpful tips, however, executives can prepare for future developments. Enterprises in major cities will become „Fluid Companies“, while enterprises in more rural areas will evolve into „Caring Companies“. In this informative presentation, Kai Gondlach illustrates what models for the future there will be and what impact they may have on society.

Content of the presentation:

  • Working world: What will work places look like in ten years?
  • Economy: What are the business models for the future and how will your industry change? •Disruption: What is truly disruptive?
  • Society: What impact does this change have on values, coexistence and political systems?

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