How will artificial intelligence change our future?

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Already today AI is our constant companion. Most of the time we don’t even recognize it anymore but Alexa, Siri, Cortana & Co are part of our everyday life. It is not surprising that the discussions around the topic AI don’t decrease. And justifiably so, says the futurologist and Global Topspeaker Kai Gondlach. Next to supporting our daily life, AI is also becoming a prominent part of our business world. Shelves in supermarkets get filled in order of limited intelligent Big Data algorithms on the needs of local customers. Thereby the logistic, purchasing and storage of goods changes. What is the status quo nowadays and how much of our future will be focused on artificial intelligence?

Whether Google, Microsoft or Facebook: All digital companies focus their research on artificial intelligence and making processes easier, faster and more customer orientated. To accomplish that, computers shall be programmed to detect mistakes and learn autonomously. Futurologist Kai Gondlach shows in his lecture how we can use these competences and become more intelligent ourselves.

At the same time the Global Topspeaker takes away the fear of the superiority of computers. This lecture engages the audience to think and discuss about questions like “Will computers be controllable if they become more and more intelligent? Are computers capable of making emotional and moral decisions?”. Being a well experienced Keynote Speaker Kai Gondlach brings up new questions around the topic AI and gives an outlook on the development of AI in the next decade and shows, how it will enrich our world.


  • Artificial intelligence: Opportunity or risk for mankind?
  • Economy: How can you as a company use artificial intelligence?
  • Labour market: Will we lose or jobs to computers?
  • Digital assistants: How do smart assistants and robots change our everyday lives?
  • Mutual benefit: What can we learn from intelligent machines?
  • Big Picture: What does technology mean for the human species?

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