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Hudson River - The art of making tough decisions

Lecture by
Peter Brandl

Hudson River - The art of making tough decisions

Lecture contents

  • Decision myths and how they lead us astray
  • Brain stem - cerebrum - diencephalon - decisions between brooding and raving fit
  • Cockpit strategies for better and faster decisions

Kunst schwere Entscheidungen zu treffen // Peter Brandl

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Peter Brandl - Hudson River (in English)

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Hudson River - The art of making tough decisions

Nothing moves forward, no one decides anything. No one takes responsibility. According to various studies, the main problem in many companies is not that the wrong decisions are being made. The biggest problem is that NO decisions are made. 

If an aircraft has problems, then the pilots have to act. There is no time to form working groups or gather extensive information. And even more so, it doesn't help to sit out the problem. You can't just pull over in an aircraft.

As a pilot trainer, this is precisely Peter Brandl's topic. In his lectures, he draws a connection to companies, because they often have very similar problems to aviation. Many projects develop an amazing momentum of their own - but often in the wrong direction. Problems and difficulties are discussed. We go round in circles and don't make any progress. Yet everything could be so simple: clarity and orientation are needed. But for that, decisions have to be made. In aviation and in companies, these decisions make the difference between a crash and a successful landing.

As in his coaching sessions for pilots, Peter Brandl passes on to you strategies and techniques on how to make the right decisions quickly under pressure and in a very dynamic environment. The pilot trainer transfers the strategies of professional pilots individually to your company.

Find out which decision myths lead you astray again and again, which psychological distortions make us make wrong decisions and learn how FEAR and ORDER bring you back on the road to success. 

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