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The future has already begun! Also, in Human Resources? And if so, what does the future look like for companies? Especially in human resources? What challenges will recruiters and managers face in the future? Will there be a shortage of skilled workers or full employment? And above all, what will employees expect from recruiting in 2030 and beyond? Will the conditions that have prevailed so far change massively as a result of artificial intelligence? Global Topspeaker Michael Carl has researched the human resources of the future and in this evocative keynote speech the futurologist explains how the balance of power between employees and companies will shift in the upcoming future.

The HR-Management of the future must rethink, proclaims futurologist Michael Carl. Because, personnel managers must be able to explain to an applicant very catchily why it would be sensible and positive for his personal development to start a job in this company – employees will be in a high demand thanks to full employment, at the same time there will be a shortage of the right specialists in many corners. On the other hand, HR managers will have to make it clear to their board members that the company is no longer the hub of the world, but “only” a suitable part of the personality development of its employees.

Michael Carl goes even further in his Keynote: “Even in recruiting, as we know it up to now, not one stone remains on the other.” Thanks to artificial intelligence, HR management is becoming a professional data collector and analyst and forms the basis for professional immigration and emigration management. In addition: The HR department of the future secures the strategic function of the Chief Change Officer, or it disappears due to massive competition from other areas of the company. The all-encompassing power of the often feared HR departments is thus greatly reduced or completely dissolved.

But Keynote Speaker Michael Carl also brings his audience closer to the fact that personnel development is mutating into a management task. The leaders of the future must see themselves increasingly as coaches, which want to bring co-workers further, even if this means that they “develop them out of the company”.

Contents of the Keynote:

  • How much recruiters need to rethink from now on?
  • Why all power lies with the applicants in the future
  • And why companies should stop seeing themselves as the centre of the world
  • Which is why HR departments could disappear completely in the long run and how they are countering it
  • Why managers need to become coaches for their employees

Speaker Michael Carl takes the audience in a moving and exciting way into the future of HR corporate worlds, where many things become different, some things become easier and yet some things also very unusual. But here, too, like everywhere else, the motto is: Long live change!

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