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Digitisation with all its opportunities has already changed our life in many sectors and doesn’t stop in front of factory gates either. When traditional engineering meets sophisticated IT and both sectors are merged, this is referred to as Industry 4.0. In his presentation, Global Topspeaker and trend researcher Dr. Joerg Wallner explains how we can prepare for this “fourth industrial revolution” and tomorrow’s engineering – and in particular, how we can keep pace with it for the development of Industry 4.0 is exponential.

In fact, a machine’s technology is already outdated the day the machine is delivered. All the same, Dr. Joerg Wallner sees an opportunity in the increasing interconnection of information technology, manufacturing industry and logistics. In his lecture, the trend researcher explains how interconnected machines can exchange information, learn from each other and develop further – and how productivity can thus be increased. However, where there is a data network, there is a safety risk as well. Data protection therefore plays a particularly crucial role in Industry 4.0, advises Dr. Joerg Wallner his audience in his keynote.

At the same time, Industry 4.0’s new developments enable companies to address the individual requirements of their customers. Wallner knows: Customers increasingly want to express their individuality and expect personalised products that meet their needs. Thanks to the latest technologies - such as 3D printing -, these products can be manufactured more efficiently, easier and a lot cheaper. „The factory of the future will no longer manufacture mass products but will go back to producing one of a kind items”, says the trend researcher.

In the past years, the Director Innovation & Change for 2b AHEAD ThinkTank has accompanied many studies on Industry 4.0 and the engineering of the future. Dr. Wallner knows how tomorrow’s manufacturing plants will look like and, together with his audience, takes a glimpse into the future. A scenario of the future that at first has many sitting up and taking notice. „We have to think outside of what Industry 4.0 has been standing for so far“, says Joerg Wallner and is talking about so-called „Predictive Enterprises“: „Following interconnection, automation and rationalisation, the next step will be for computers to take over controlling our companies.“

Contents of the presentation:

  • Interaction: How digital communication covers the entire life cycle of a product – from development to production to use
  • Data protection: How safe are interconnected systems?
  • Artificial intelligence: How machines learn from each other and develop
  • Personalisation: How Industry 4.0 makes individual products possible
  • Predictive enterprises: How computers take control of companies

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