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Industry 5.0 - How KI is revolutionizing industry

Lecture by
Dr. Jörg Wallner

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Industry 5.0 - How KI is revolutionizing industry

Industry 5.0 - How KI is revolutionizing industry

Digitalization with all its possibilities has already changed our lives in many areas and does not stop at the factory gates. Industry 4.0 is already making it possible to use data-driven systems to individualize products and respond to the needs of individual customers. Now, when AI-powered technologies are added and implemented, it is possible, with the help of intelligent algorithms, to predict future behaviors today and offer customized products at the right time. We are talking about Industry 5.0.

In his lecture, 5 Star speaker and futurologist Dr. Jörg Wallner explains how we can prepare for this fifth industrial revolution and the mechanical engineering of the future - and, above all, keep pace with it. Because the development of Industry 5.0 is exponential. The technology of a machine is actually already obsolete again on the day it is delivered.At the same time, Dr. Jörg Wallner sees an opportunity in the progressive networking of information technology (towards AI), manufacturing industry and logistics. In his presentation, the futurologist explains how networked machines can exchange information with each other, learn from each other, evolve, and support rather than replace humans in the future. But where there is a data network, there is always a security risk. That is why the topic of data protection plays a particularly important role in Industry 5.0, as Dr. Wallner illustrated to his audience in his keynote address.

At the same time, the new developments in Industry 5.0 give companies the opportunity to respond individually to future customer requirements. Because Wallner knows: Customers increasingly want to live out their individuality, they expect personalized products that meet their needs. These can be manufactured more efficiently, more simply and much more cost-effectively thanks to the latest technologies such as 3D printing. "The factory of the future no longer manufactures mass-produced goods, it is going back to the unique," says the futurologist.

The Director of Strategic Foresight at 2b AHEAD ThinkTank has been involved in numerous studies on Industry 5.0 and the mechanical engineering of the future in recent years. Dr. Wallner knows what the factory of tomorrow will look like and takes a look into the future together with his audience. A future scenario that makes some stop at first. "We have to think beyond what is understood by Industry 4.0," says Jörg Wallner and talks about collaborative robots: "Humans and machines will work together. Humans, as assumed in Industrie 4.0, will not be replaced or displaced, but supported by robots."

Lecture content:

  • Interaction: How communication between humans and machines spans the entire lifecycle of products from development to production to use
  • Artificial intelligence: How machines communicate, learn from each other and evolve
  • Data protection: How secure are networked systems?
  • Collaborative robots: Why robots can only support humans in the future and not replace them

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