IT’S A VUCA WORLD: Leadership in times of change

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Stefanie Voss

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IT’S A VUCA WORLD: Leadership in times of change

Leadership-Expertin Stefanie Voss: Vortrag It´s a VUCA world

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IT’S A VUCA WORLD: Leadership in times of change

The new concept of V.U.C.A. stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. Originally the acronym came from US military jargon, and is now found more and more often in management literature. The Harvard Business Manager Blog titles their V.U.C.A. article “The Age Of Jugglers”. In these times, past and present achievements do not always translate into future successes. Or as business expert and former German DAX-company executive Stefanie Voss puts it, “it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep all the balls in the air.”

Companies big and small face a host of new challenges. The world is becoming more complex and volatile, and these conditions make even short-term decisions difficult. Transparent markets and an ever-faster pace create high workplace pressures. In this environment, Global Top Speaker and circumnavigator Stefanie Voss recommends a good compass and a flexible course.

Drawing on her years as a top executive, Voss calls for a new understanding of leadership, and for a new leadership culture. The times of authoritarian leadership are gone. The future requires we maximize agility, flexibility, and creativity when dealing with complexity. But the trend toward friendly, empathetic leading is also over. In today’s world “everyone’s darling is everyone’s fool!”

It’s no coincidence that new leadership development programs are focusing on “Leadership in Times of Change”, and “Dealing with Dilemmas”. We must learn what course to set, when the unexpected is the only thing that can be expected. The need for resilience and emotional intelligence is the new normal.

The internationally experienced speaker Stefanie Voss shows us pragmatically and practically what executives and human resource directors need to focus on for the future. Her expertise on leadership and communication excites and inspires her audience to develop new perspectives and strategies for the here and now, instead of waiting for what the future may bring. “If you can’t plan for everything, you must plan for anything.”

Contents of the presentation:

  • The future is complex, for we know not what we don’t know
  • What has always worked may fail us in the future
  • Leadership old and new: what will the future bring?
  • Agility and flexibility create stability
  • “I do not know” is the best starting point for creative solutions
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