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Is your organization constantly working on developing new ideas, because everybody knows, that new ways of doing things are a big opportunity to get better? Or do you have people in your team, who say: “Why should I change? That´s the way, we´ve always done it.” In this inspiring and motivational keynote, you´ll discover, how to use the 4 C´s of change in business and in life, how to deal with negative people and finally, how to become a champion of change.

In his powerful keynote „The attitude of change“, change expert Ilja Grzeskowitz shows your team, why change is a choice. With the 4 C´s of Change, you will receive a step by step formula for picking up the right attitude, influencing your team and therefore mastering change in your organization. You will pick up tools which help you to become better and instead of falling back into old habits. If you really want to master change, you need to make four choices: Chose your attitude. Chose to take action. Chose to let go. And chose to make change a powerful habit. Spiced up with lots of humorous and touching real life stories from his own challenges as a former top manager, the motivating keynote gets straight to the heart of change: It´s about attitude, personal responsibility and taking action. Ilja will make you laugh, he will make you think, and he will show you the four steps you need to take, if you want to boost your attitude, your results and make change happen.


  • The right attitude for mastering change in tough times
  • Why change is a choice
  • It´s never the circumstance, it´s how you react to them
  • The 4 C´s of change
  • Be the leader, others want to follow
  • Stop hesitating and develop strong habits which lead to success
  • Conquer doubt and raise the motivation of your team

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