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With network marketing expert Harald Psaridis you will get THE specialist on leadership in direct marketing and MLM for your event. In one of the toughest industries, he made it to the very top with his organisation. Within a period of 22 years, he succeeded in building one of Europe’s leading financial service providers. During this time, he conducted more than 10,000 job interviews, developed and empowered more than 300 executives, consulted more than 100,000 customers with a sales force of 2,500 employees and generated a total volume of more than 5.5 billion Euros. In one word: He successfully set an example. Nowadays, he passes on his know-how to the audience of his captivating insider presentations.

This is also what the present, practice-oriented keynote by Harald Psaridis is about. The Global Topspeaker knows: Far too few leaders in network marketing train and develop their employees appropriately. A true leader is always on the frontline – just as an army can only be led successfully from the top! Do away with “generals” sitting in their warm bunkers while their troops are going to war on their own. A true leader always leads the way, demonstrates, develops and empowers.

Only by being familiar yourself with what you expect from the members of your organisation, you will be able to gain the respect and acceptance necessary for the executive’s vision to be implemented. Only if you yourself know how to sell, you can teach others how to do it and successfully lead by example.

Keynote speaker Harald Psaridis’s special leadership approach: In particular in today’s direct and network marketing, going from „mass to class“ is the only way to do it. Instead of getting as many people aboard an organisation as possible and then more or less hoping that they will perform well, the leader makers count on class and – just like in traditional recruiting – are looking for high potentials that definitely will strengthen and complement their organisation. How to find them will be disclosed in this highly motivating presentation.

The audience will learn how executives recognise employees with high potential and how they accompany them from success to success as their coaches. Find out yourself what the important tasks of an executive in direct and network marketing really are, how to further develop them and how to successfully reach the top in your organisation together with your dream teams.

Let yourself be inspired by this captivating keynote of network marketing expert Harald Psaridis. More turnover and success thanks to someone who demonstrated how it’s being done!

Contents of the presentation:

  • The main task of an executive in direct and network marketing
  • True leaders lead on the frontline
  • Successful leadership by setting an example and walking the talk
  • The executive as a coach
  • How to develop your employees to suit your requirements
  • From mass to class – The only road to success in direct marketing
  • Recognise your high potential members
  • How to develop and challenge your high potentials
  • Ultimate motivation for your sales force

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