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Nothing is more memorable but an intense, first-hand experience! Not even the most sophisticated, theoretical concept or the most expertly phrased maxims can be embedded as deeply in people’s minds as a bone-rattling explosion or the searing light of an immense ball of fire. This presentation is a breath-taking mix of all that is glaring, loud and dangerous.

From our earliest childhood, our life is characterised by warnings and prohibitions in order to keep us safe from all kinds of danger. Sascha Ott has never been particularly impressed by such warnings, however – to the contrary: Whatever is considered to be dangerous only piques his interest all the more! And this is also the reason for this special kind of presentation to come into being: „LEARNING by BURNING!“ is a fast-paced foray into the amazing world of incalculable risks. A fiery spectacle – enlightening, stunning and entertaining all at the same time.

In his presentation, Global Topspeaker Sascha Ott has a unique way of combining scientific expertise with impish humour and profound easy-to-understand explanations with subtle and enigmatic comedy. For his unparalleled presentation, he - together with Germany’s largest science comedy group „Die Physikanten“ (The physicists) - was awarded the renowned „Medaille für Naturwissenschaftliche Publizistik“ (the Medal for Natural Science Publishing) by the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft, a community of people in Germany who work in industry or economy or who are interested in physics. The experiments of the graduate experimental physicist and science journalist holding a doctorate degree are spectacular. „However, fire and explosions are not an end in itself but are a means to present unknown substances and scientific backgrounds in a very impressive way“, the Global Topspeaker explains.

In „LEARNING by BURNING!“, Sascha Ott demonstrates that sometimes the most ordinary commodities allow for surprising glimpses into the world of hazardous substances. Who would have thought that a common pencil sharpener could turn into an extremely hot light ball with a temperature of 3000 degrees Celsius? That a handful of flour caused one of the most powerful explosions in world’s history in a period of peace? Or that a harmless tea light can cause a flaming inferno? The Global Topspeaker is convinced: „A calculated risk can bring more gain than any cautious approach.“ Sometimes, you have to be prepared to take a certain risk in order to get to the bottom of things. Or in other words: „Nothing ventured, nothing gained!“

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