learning from science means learning to win

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Dr. Sascha Ott

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learning from science means learning to win

Scientific principles count among the most potent success strategies of our modern civilisation. Here, it also becomes apparent what the tactics that lead to victory are: Convincing sceptics, dealing with setbacks and interpreting weaknesses as strengths! And formulating big, motivational goals in a convincing way time and again! In his fascinating lecture, Dr. Sascha Ott illustrates the winning formula of science by way of thrilling, vivid and sometimes bizarre examples and captivating live experiments.

Nothing has characterised and changed our lives as fundamentally in the past centuries as the know-how gained from natural science research. From the microscopic world of nano-dimensions to the most distant galaxies of the universe. From the intriguing records of materials engineering to the digital revolution, which constantly turns our daily life inside out time and again — Science seemingly relentlessly pushes the boundaries. This is not a coincidence but the result of proven success strategies. Strategies you may benefit from!

The classic strengths of the great inventors and thinkers still form the basis, however: The unshakable belief in a goal that turned Lilienthal into a pioneer of flight. The visionary imagination that made Edison recognize the economic potential of ideas. The ingenious skill to rethink the basics that distinguished Einstein. Determination, creativity and curiosity are still important driving forces in science, of course.

That good science nowadays is much more than the mundane foundation of objectivity and reproducibility, however, is what Dr. Sascha Ott shows in this presentation: „Successful scientists no longer have any relation to the loners in their ivory towers. They are determined and highly skilled managers of their own specific interests.“ The physicist and long-term science journalist points out the many talents, top researchers need to have nowadays: „They must be sales pros and motivation artists, PR strategists and puppet masters.“ Only if you convincingly link your goals with big visions and skilfully cater to the longings and fears of your negotiating partners, you will get the attention you desire – and thus, the financial funds you need.

In order to reach your goals, you must learn to think out of the box, overcome resistance and interpret your own errors and weaknesses positively. In his presentation, the science expert demonstrates how to draw attention to your personal successes and how to win over the critics in the end.

With his thrilling live experiments, Dr. Sascha Ott gives proof: Learning from science means not to let sceptics lead you astray from your chosen path and to confidently accept setbacks as a step on the way to success. It means being able to recognize the strengths of a team and to empower your ideas by combining them with irresistible visions. Learning from science means learning to win!

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Nothing is more memorable but an intense, first-hand experience! Not even the most sophisticated, theoretical concept or the most expertly phrased maxims can be embedded as deeply in people’s minds as a bone-rattling explosion or the searing light of an immense ball of fire. This presentation is a breath-taking mix of all that is glaring, loud and dangerous.

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