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LIVING DIVERSITY: succeeding outside your comfort zone

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Stefanie Voss

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LIVING DIVERSITY: succeeding outside your comfort zone

LIVING DIVERSITY: succeeding outside your comfort zone

Global Topspeaker and sailing circumnavigator Stefanie Voss knows from personal experience: With an ambitious voyage ahead, a wise skipper would never form a crew from people of the same background, education, and skill sets. For it is precisely the diversity of talents on board that determines a trip’s success or failure.

But in many companies recruiting still follows the rule of “birds of a feather flock together”. Indeed today many companies have Diversity Managers, Diversity Criteria, Diversity Projects, and Diversity Campaigns to counter the status quo, but communication and leadership expert Stefanie Voss knows from experience that the mentality of “we’ve always done it this way!” cannot be so easily jettisoned.

For gender expert Stefanie Voss, diversity isn’t purely a “women’s issue”, nor merely a shortlived trend soon to pass by. She is convinced that “diversity is first and foremost about breaking boundaries! We need to leave our comfort zones again and again in order to really live diversity. A diverse workforce brings many challenges: different languages, heritage, education, and temperaments, and these must be combined creatively. This requires strength, and the guts to leave the beaten path behind. This applies to any crew, be it in an office or on the high seas.”

Business expert Stefanie Voss is convinced that this course will pay off. Flexibility, agility, the capacity to find a variety of answers to manifold questions; these are the offspring of a consistent commitment to diversity. And in turbulent times, these qualities are all the more critical to success.

In an empathic and humorous way, former DAX-company executive Stefanie Voss explains why it is profitable to “do something everyday that at first sight seems disconcerting, maybe even really unpleasant.” She invites us to experiment with breaking down the boundaries we find around us every day.

Contents of the presentation:

• Scrapping the “We’ve always done it this way!” method

• Diversity is no magic potion, and we’re not Harry Potter

• Pros and cons of a life in the comfort zone

• The future is here: diversity is no longer a trend

• Living in diversity means: “Do one thing everyday that scares you”

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