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Sven Gábor Jánszky presents part of the future scenario „Living environments in 2030“ by the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank.

This cross-industry scenario describes an imaginary day in a person’s life in the year 2030. Every year, 200 preselected managers and industry leaders develop this scenario at the Future Congress of „Germany’s most innovative think tank“.

The lecturer takes his audience on a journey through time and into the year 2030. On a fascinating tour through the apartment of the future, Sven Gábor Jánszky illustrates major visions of the future by different industries. The technological basis is the deep penetration of everyday life by electronic assistance systems and automated targeting methods as well as the completion of real life by means of virtual tools everywhere (augmented reality). The foundations of everyday life in the future are the modified moral values of the population, new ways of life of the generation „digital natives“ and the changing goals of the people when it comes to living together in a society.

At the interfaces of such visions, the formative trends for the living environments in the year 2030 will develop. Sven Gábor Jánszky describes these trends by way of the imaginary, daily routine in the year 2030: from the glance into the mirror in the morning to the dinner table. This leads to a scenario of the year 2030 where people use new technologies in a highly sophisticated way and apply virtual tools to make everyday life in the real world more effective. But Sven Gábor Jánszky also addresses the fears and reservations regarding such a future: Will we lose our autonomy and will our life be controlled by technology? How will we handle our personal data in 10 years? And how quickly will we change our usage habits?

This trend scenario from the user’s perspective is where Sven Gábor Jánszky derives the most important strategy recommendations for the companies of the various industries from and introduces possible business models for the future. For this purpose, he also cites from his trend-related book „How we’ll live in the future“ and presents the results of several future studies by the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank.

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