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What will our cities look like in the future? What will have changed? In his keynote “The city of the future“, futurologist Kai Gondlach presents the metropolises of our future. Terms such as Adaptive City Mobility and Urban Technology will define the cityscape of the future.

It is less about technology but about the way of life our cities will stand for in a few years. The trend towards the urbanisation of the world is unbroken. In Germany, but even more so in the world’s really big metropolises. Those who move to the city today are looking for identity, creative possibilities and above all, freedom, knows keynote speaker Kai Gondlach. In his captivating presentation on the future, the Global Topspeaker illustrates why ultimate freedom no longer is defined by ownership but by non-ownership. But although the urban citizens of the future no longer want to call a car their own, they expect their mobility and freedom to be ensured nonetheless. The Sharing Economy acquires more and more fascinated followers seeking freedom. This kind of ultimate freedom is also the benchmark all new concepts of “Smart Cities“ and “Urban Technologies“ will have to measure up to.

Global Topseaker Kai Gondlach clearly points out to his audience why this model of Sharing Economy will lead to so-called „Adaptive Cities“, i.e. megacities, where the „sharing“ offer perfectly meets the needs of the citizens. In the coming years, business models such as Uber and Airbnb will expand to every sector of life imaginable - from shopping, to laundry, to childcare and dog walking, etc. Urban society in the future adaptive cities will thus be subjected to a revolutionary change - making all inhabitants freer and more independent. In his lecture, futurologist Kai Gondlach states in explicit terms: The adaptive city offers Service by Design. No uniform products at uniform prices for uniform citizens. So you will, for instance, be able to have your own, individually designed house printed directly by a 3D printer.

Based on intelligent data analysis, the adaptive city of the future will set up p2p systems that in many sectors will make sharing possible in the first place. The main focus, for instance, will no longer be on a huge selection of products but on the fact that, at the push of a button, all the items on our standard shopping list will be delivered at precisely the right time in our daily routine. The adaptive city of the future is different for everyone. It adapts itself and its services to the needs of its varied inhabitants.

Learn from this future-oriented keynote:

  • Why the cities of the future will be places of individual freedom above all
  • How the Sharing Economy embarks on its triumphant conquest of our cities
  • What „Adaptive Cities“ are about
  • Why there will no longer be any uniform citizens in the adaptive cities of the future
  • Why the city of the future primarily has to see itself as a platform

Also learn from Kai Gondlach‘s unique keynote how we all will be living and working as adaptive urbanites and what kind of new freedoms will be waiting for us. We may just as well look forward to it - as the future has already begun!

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