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The “war for talents” is in full swing – and it will continue to strengthen massively in the coming years. After all, changes in demographic, economic conditions, globalization or digitalisation, as well as a completely new generation of employees regarding work culture, will challenge companies to strengthen their personnel marketing and adapt it to the changed conditions.

Global Topspeaker and futurologist Michael Carl gives insights into the future world of personnel marketing in his exciting lecture “Living corporate culture, winning and retaining the talents of the future”. With impressive practical examples, he proves that only those companies will survive in the competition for the best employees who cultivate their corporate culture, communicate transparently and live it.

According to Michael Carl, an expert in strategy and organizational development, the role of managing directors, press departments and HR departments in communicating a company’s corporate culture will decrease. Authenticity and transparency about the enterprise reach however more frequently the co-workers of the enterprise - by speaking as so-called Corporate Influencer online or with meetings about their employee.

These internal ambassadors are the one who actively communicate the current keywords of employer branding such as “a world beyond HR” or “real contents creation” and thus emotionally charge the corporate brand and culture and them tangible. They are employees who are particularly committed to their company – but with whom HR departments also have to deal in order to maintain their motivation. In terms of external impact, the messages of corporate influencers achieve far more credibility than the classic corporate departments.

Michael Carl investigates how future living and working environments can already be predicted today and what consequences the changes in these areas will have for business models and strategies of companies. With his extensive experience, a clear view of tomorrow and amusing anecdotes, Michael Carl will be able to impressively explain the potential of employer branding in the future and convince you to invest in the cultivation of your corporate culture and employees from the ground up.

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