long-term success and carefree future as a financial advisor

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Marcus Renziehausen

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long-term success and carefree future as a financial advisor

long-term success and carefree future as a financial advisor

The world of financial advisors is becoming increasingly bureaucratic and digital. Without clear positioning and strategy, many consultants will therefore find it difficult to continue to be successful. In order to position themselves well for the future, Global Topspeaker Marcus Renziehausen will therefore give an overview of the coming developments in the financial sector and the necessary tools to master them.

As a keynote speaker, the strategy expert motivates people to rethink their own business strategy and adapt it to the future. On one hand, new legal regulations in the finance and insurance industry mean that financial advisors have to deal with higher administrative costs. On the other, new digital business models such as Fintechs and Insurtechs, which promise online customers uncomplicated and fast financial advice, are adding to the competitive pressure.

Global Topspeaker Renziehausen has the decisive tips to help financial advisors plan their working days effectively and make time-consuming processes in particular easier. This allows you to concentrate on the company goals and customers that really move you forward and, above all, have long term benefits. It also shows how to use expert knowledge to gain the trust of customers and guarantee appropriate advice in line with their expectations: a clear competitive advantage in the digital age, where the online market in particular is highly competitive!

As a man of practice, Marcus Renziehausen has been helping financial advisors to success for more than ten years. The strategy expert always has his finger on the pulse of time and keeps track of current developments in the financial sector. His lecture is therefore a future-oriented inspiration for the audience to actively take action with targeted online and offline strategies.

Contents of the lecture:

  • Which future trends will determine the financial sector?
  • What advantages do you have as a classic financial advisor compared to Fintechs and Insurtechs?
  • How do you develop an effective plan for the long-term future?
  • Which online and offline strategies are really successful?
  • How can the growing administrative burden be curbed?

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