Lost confidence - the Tsunami Model of the financial crisis

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We are experiencing the greatest financial crisis of the 21st Century. More and more people get affected and lose confidence in the current economic system. How did it come to these developments?

As an expert in scenario planning Martin Theyer succeeds in an exciting way in explaining the destructive forces at work and comparing them to that ones of a tsunami. Like a wave the current crisis has hit the financial world. This powerful image does not come as a surprise and is based on extensive economic research on which Martin Theyer has based his own thinking.

Hypothesis of his speech is that the current financial crisis has been originated in the early 90s and can be explained as a wave that becomes more and more destructive. Using a simple and understandable model of economic history-related events he explains in an easy way what went wrong but also what can be done to prevent further damages. In a very enjoyable way for his audience Martin Theyer gives insights into the biggest scandals that shocked the financial world in the last 20 years and what we can learn from them.

The following essential questions will be addressed by his speech:

  • what went wrong in the financial world and why
  • what can politics do to resolve the issues
  • what can we do to emerge strengthened from this crisis

Martin Theyer’ s speech provides answers to essential questions about the current crisis. By using his Tsunami Model he gives his audience a new way to look at things and come up with potential answers.

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