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Make diversity your lever for business success!

Lecture by
Michelle Euzet

Make diversity your lever for business success!

Lecture contents

  • Culture change and diversity are management decisions,
  • Consensus is not enough. Culture change needs transparency and measurability
  • Whether women in leadership or career changers, make diversity a business case

Kulturwandel als strategisches Unternehmensziel

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Make diversity your lever for business success!

Diversity is not a good deed or even an end in itself! Personal and corporate growth are at stake, as diversity expert Michelle Euzet knows. As a businesswoman and manager in B2B companies, she has successfully led and implemented interdisciplinary change projects internationally for years. She knows the challenges, but also the potential of different backgrounds and perspectives. Knowing how, this becomes: rewarding diversity! Today, Michelle Euzet dedicates herself to this heartfelt topic and brings diversity into companies with her inspiring presentations. 

In her talk, diversity expert Michelle Euzet makes it clear that diversity means more than just ticking off visible dimensions: Origin, age, gender, etc. True diversity takes to heart everything that makes us unique as human beings: personal backgrounds, professional careers as well as our personality, our mindset. And then the free skate is to live diversity to the company's advantage. According to McKinsey studies, heterogeneous teams lead to increased entrepreneurial results... as long as their diversity actually contributes to decisions.

Numerous studies prove that without a focus on corporate culture, the longed-for digital transformation will not succeed. Diversity is an effective lever here. Successful diversity management in companies - and it doesn't matter whether it's an SME or a large corporation - not only ensures more creativity and better decisions, but also greater attractiveness in the battle for the talents of tomorrow. Diversity therefore pays off in the long term.

Thus, cultural change and diversity are strategic corporate goals that should by no means be treated as abstract goodwill initiatives. Rather, they are management decisions that are directly reflected in day-to-day business. Pragmatic and results-oriented.

Michelle Euzet's presentation on diversity succeeds in making us aware of our limitations in a charming yet unembellished way. The keynote speaker takes away the fear of her audience to deal with existing prejudices and patterns - in order to grow personally and entrepreneurially. Diversity in the company is neither charity nor compromise, but a success factor for the agility and sustainability of the organisation.

Michelle Euzet uses concrete models and tips to show what is important. For her, diversity does not mean lecturing or pillorying "the old white man". Diversity is a "must-have" success factor, a task that can only be mastered together... and can use a pinch of humour. This lecture is the ideal "wake-up call" for cultural change. Also in your company.  

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