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For your next event, choose Global Topspeaker Ilja Grzeskowitz (pronounced: Gresh -ko -witz), who will make your audience think, laugh and take action. He teaches general principles, which work for anyone in any business. You will listen keynotes full of inspiring stories, motivational messages and ideas on how to master change in times of uncertainty. The former top manager knows, that change is nothing, that happens „out there“. Instead, it´s an attitude, which we have to choose on a daily basis. With his personality, his content and his engaging delivery style, he fascinates audiences all over the world and shows organizations, companies and leaders how to unleash their full potential, master change in tough times and to achieve great results.

Ilja Grzeskowitz walks his talk, when he speaks about change. After graduating as an MBA in economics and marketing he started as a storemanager for germany´s largest retail company named. Despite many organizational changes, heavy staff reduction and shutdowns of locations, he managed to develop motivated teams, which generated great results. He was responsible for 10 different department stores and a business volume of 500 million Euros. As a leader, he inspired more than hundred department managers and over 2000 co-workers with his hands-on leadership approach and his moving attitude. In his time as a storemanager at IKEA, he was inspired by the scandinavian leadership philosophy, the power of ideas and the habit of thinking out of the box.

Today, you can benefit from these insights, when the charismatic speakers shares his knowledge and solutions with you. If you are planning your next event, bring in Ilja Grzeskowitz. The charismatic keynote speaker shows your team how to make change work and how you develop the right attitude. Your people will be inspired and motivated and choose certainty and action over uncertainty and indecision. You will see the positive results long after your event is over.

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