Making the right decision when under pressure

Lecture by
Steve Kroeger

Making the right decision when under pressure

Everyday professional life is like climbing a mountain. It’s when you are at a great height that personal bests are needed there and then. It’s about making the right decisions when under pressure. It’s just like mountaineering: wrong decisions high up can have fatal consequences. The same goes for everyday professional life.

How do mountaineers manage to make the right decisions under extreme conditions and time pressure? What can we learn from them that can be transferred to our own working habits?

Allow Steve Kroeger to introduce you to dealing with pressure, making decisions under pressure and waking the potential in you with this authentic and extraordinary talk: 7 SUMMITS® Intuition.

When we step foot on new ground, we need more than just logical thinking!


  • What is intuition and when can we trust it?
  • How to connect excellent thinking with excellent feeling?
  • This is how you learn to act quickly after a short decision-making process.
  • Relieving the strain, gaining confidence and avoiding mistakes.
  • Taking on responsibility for yourself and others.
  • The best strategies as you head towards the summit.

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