Memorize names & faces

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Boris Nikolai Konrad

Memorize names & faces

You know the situation. You meet someone for the first time, you shake hands and introduce yourself to each other. However, already after that first short conversation you have forgotten the name of your dialog partner – and you’re not even thinking about the next meeting, days or possibly weeks later.

But it does not have to be that way! Global Top Speaker Boris Nikolai Konrad is the World Record Holder for memorizing names and faces. At the 2010 National Memory Championships he memorized and matched 201 first and last names to the correct people within just 15 minutes. In his talks and lectures he welcomes all guests with their name, but even more importantly the experienced memory trainer shows his audience that everyone can learn the techniques these performances are based on after just a short time. 

In particular the memory for names is a part of the memory that seems to be very poor in general, even though it is so important. Nothing is more embarrassing then forgetting the name of an important customer or business partner, a new colleague or other team-members. Seminars, workshops and fairs provide even bigger challenges that can quickly become overwhelming, when one potentially meets dozens of new people all on the same day.

On the other hand, the person who is able to safely store names in their memory after the very first meeting displays both his respect and interest for their counterpart!

In this keynote, memory trainer and Global Top Speaker Boris Nikolai Konrad explains how to massively improve your memory for names. Using real-world examples you will immediately be able to memorize more names. His method will allow you to master this task with self-confidence, and since visual thinking and fantasy play a key role in memory improvement, smiles and laughs are guaranteed to accompany the entertaining talk.

At the end you will be amazed at just how many names you can memorize in such a short period of time and how well your memory and your brain can really work! 


  • On Request- Welcoming the whole or parts of the audience by their name from memory (provided sufficient time exists to meet the audience and memorize their names upfront)
  • Alternatively, another demonstration of the amazing memory of the expert will be given
  • Visual Thinking – why our brain loves images and stories
  • Five-Star-Method - Five well-defined steps for an amazing memory for names
  • Images For Names – How to “convert“ names into images and why you should do it
  • Associations – So you can address someone with their name immediately at the next meeting
  • Method of Loci – How to additionally store further information about the people you meet, including storing facts and details and how to give presentations from memory without any notes
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