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Names, digits, full presentations - whoever is capable of storing these in their memory with ease has a clear advantage compared to most of the population. Memory world record holder Boris Nikolai Konrad explains his techniques in this engaging keynote speech.

Using lots of hands-on examples from both work and private life during this talk you are going to learn how to significantly increase your memory performance in a funny way and how to store names, digits or even full lecture notes within your memory. Be amazed at the exciting capabilities of the human brain when the worldwide respected memory expert Boris Nikolai Konrad demonstrates his own memory performance - while also being astonished at what your very own memory is capable of.

For more than 2000 years mankind has known methods and techniques to improve the human memory and store almost anything. However, schools still disregard most of them. Therefore, most people feel plagued by a bad memory, even though they don’t have to be. Memory training is not just for kids, students or senior citizens - in contrast, learning strategies and mnemonics can help everyone in short time to achieve feats that they never deemed possible!

Use the Boris Nikolai Konrad’s memory techniques and the presentation talents of successful participants of several World Memory Championships to get motivated and explore your mind.


  • Memory demonstration by the speaker
  • Learn how to learn
  • Visual thinking – Why our brain LOVES images 
  • Method of Loci – How it really works
  • Visual digits – How to store long lists of digits in your memory
  • Names & faces – Never forget a name again

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