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Would you like your event to be a huge success and memorable? Having the four-time Guinness World Record holder for various memory disciplines, Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad, give your keynote guarantees your participants will never forget your event. They will not just improve their own memory during the talk, but will keep remembering you and your event forever.

Right at the start, the internationally renowned memory expert, who has been on national TV programs in various countries, including the USA, UK, China, Japan and Germany, will demonstrate his unbelievable memory capabilities, for example, by personally greeting every participant by name from his memory or memorizing the order of a shuffled deck of playing cards in under a minute. Depending on your event, we might even be able to hold an official Guinness World Record attempt.

Afterwards, the trained neuroscientist will explain to the audience how this is possible utilizing several interactive demonstrations. Simple but highly effective mnemonic techniques will enable immediate success while still having a lot of fun.

Put your take-home message into the keynote! Dr. Konrad will integrate your event’s take-home message into his talk and the interactive exercises. By doing this, your message becomes part of the memory training. Next to having good fun and a highly enjoyable message, you can make sure the audience will have your key point in their memory when going home. Be it your new slogan, your company values or details of a new product, Boris Nikolai Konrad will make it unforgettable.

Beyond that, your attendants will learn why their brain is different to that of a London taxi driver but not that of a memory champion. They will learn how the ancient Greek rhetoricians utilized their homes to store whole speeches and which “tricks” certainly won’t improve your brain.

This keynote lecture is a sought-after highlight for annual meeting, anniversaries, incentive and promotional activities. Be impressed by Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad and his mixture of entertainment and brain training. You and your audience will be fascinated!


  • Highly entertaining and fascinating memory demonstrations
  • Memory techniques for immediate success 
  • Make your message part of the memory training.
  • Have the keynote turn your event into an unforgettable highlight.
  • A lot of fun!

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