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mentally healthy and fit in work and everyday life despite stress

Lecture by
Dr. Phil. Brigitte Bösenkopf

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mentally healthy and fit in work and everyday life despite stress

mentally healthy and fit in work and everyday life despite stress

Everyday life and work pose a challenge towards our health. Due to lack of time, performance- and peer pressure and high expectations our mental and physical health suffers on a long-term point of view. Stress is omnipresent and leads to health issues if people aren’t resilient. Despite burnout isn’t that much of a foreign word anymore, we tend to avoid dealing with stress and our health. How important it is to build stress resilience and install a new hard disk in our head, shows Dr. Brigitte Bösenkopf in her practical lecture “Mentally healthy and fit in work and everyday life despite stress”.

How do we manage to incorporate work, family, friends and hobbies in a joyful and relaxed life? In this lecture Dr. Brigitte Bösenkopf mentions aspects which cause or intensify stress. The expert on stress prevention focuses thereby not only on work related stress, but also leisure stress. The Global Topspeaker and head of the stress centre in Vienna shows, how to stay healthy in a stressful everyday life and which actions are useful to build resilience towards stress.

Through multiple example Dr. Brigitte Bösenkopf shows competent and empathetic the helix from peer pressure to burnout. Sadly, it is the case that even children and young adults are stressed, often caused by stressed parents. Therefore, it is even more important to take a conscious look on health and stress resilience.

“Stress resilience starts in the head”, says the experienced management trainer and psychologist Dr. Brigitte Bösenkopf. Who manages to develop resilience, leave constant moaning behind and install a new hard drive in its brain, will break the burnout helix and work for its mental and physical health into old age.

Be inspired by Dr. Brigitte Bösenkopf and learn to readjust your inner attitude.

Contents of lecture:

  • Dealing with stress, avoiding stress, staying healthy and fit
  • Stress tests any -analytics, developing resilience
  • Main stress factors: Peer pressure, lack of time and leisure stress
  • Burnout-Helix: 7 stages of burnout
  • How to train your mental attitude
  • Health and resilience into old age

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