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Our experts in the field of mindset and courage emphasize the importance of facing our fears and stepping out of our comfort zones. By encouraging ourselves and our employees to be more courageous and open, we can unlock great potential together as a company. Let our 5-star speakers and their inspiring talks on "Courage & Mindset" motivate and inspire you.

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The issue of women in motorsports

Mercedes Benz has published an interview with Global Topspeaker Ellen Lohr:

In the fast lane

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Why striving for progress makes you more successful than perfectionism

Perfectionism is known to be a “vigor” of many people, a lot of them are successful, but is it really because their perfectionism? Most of the time perfectionism turns out to be more of an affliction rather than passion. To be successful in the job you’re doing you have to love and really enjoy it. If that is the case,…

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Countdown to Norman Gräters mega-event at Porsche-Arena started

Global Topspeaker Norman Gräter decided to go big. As a birthday present to himself the international Keynote Speaker decided to fill the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart. The event is called “Don’t stop believin’ – Mein Weg zu 2020”. Gräter worked with well-known individuals like David Garrett, Anastacia, Nobelist Bishop…

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Once around the world – and never back onto the beaten track

Global Topspeaker Stefanie Voss went to the USA at the age of 16, moved to Argentina for her employer when she was 23 years old, and signed up on a sailboat to circumnavigate the world with 25. After 15 years of corporate career (last assignment as department head in corporate communications), she started her own…

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Circumnavigator Stefanie Voss encourages to become more self-confident

Leadership expert and Global Topspeaker Stefanie Voss sailed around the world – during this long and strenuous voyage, she learned what it means to leave one’s comfort zone. Because it is not the wind direction but our actions that decide whether the ship stays on course or will drift off. This experience has also…

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Welcome to Global Topspeakers, Norman Gräter

Global Topspeakers gladly informs: Inspirer and Double European Champion in Public Speaking Norman Gräter is joining the international speaker group.  Global Top Speaker Norman Gräter relies on inspiration as the basis for any individual’s personal and professional development. People sitting in his audience experience…

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