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If you want to be successful in network marketing long-term, you need to be stronger mentally than the average person in order to be able to continuously set yourself new goals and to also achieve them. Global Topspeaker Harald Psaridis is one of the world’s best networkers and has internalised the industry’s techniques and success strategies. In his benefit-oriented presentation, the expert on leadership and marketing demonstrates how to train your power of action and to accomplish even the biggest goals.

As experienced top manager and network marketer behind Europe’s largest network, Harald Psaridis is well aware that the right attitude is decisive for all who want to succeed in this form of direct marketing long-term. To successfully develop your own network, it is imperative to continuously win new business partners and to convince as a leader. This requires a great deal of drive each and every day. However, only few possess the required mental strength including such characteristics as self-discipline, determination and decisiveness. Many have a promising start, but don’t follow through to a successful end. Usually, they are well aware of what they should do but simply fail to do it and thus, throw away major chances of success.

In his presentation, the inspiring keynote speaker Harald Psaridis reveals the three core elements of the proper mindset. He not only gives helpful tips on how to face your weaker self and your fears, but the network marketing expert also explains how to draw power and courage from both. For only with the right attitude, negative thoughts and emotions can be transformed into positive ones. In this context, Psaradis also illustrates the close connection between physical fitness and mental strength.

This captivating keynote is a purely practical experience: Harald Psaridis explains the mindset of successful networkers based on his own professional experience and insider know-how. Furthermore, he demonstrates the most important exercises to train – just like any other muscle - your drive and to develop enough energy and vitality to reach your goals. With a great sense of humour and a lot of charm, Harald Psaridis encourages you to leave your comfort zone and realise your aspirations with enthusiasm and vigour.

Contents of the presentation:

  • Why the right attitude is so decisive for being successful
  • What are the methods to train your power of action
  • How to realise your dreams and thus quickly reach your goals
  • How to overcome your weaker self and your fears
  • How to maximise your energy, vitality and health

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