More turnover for financial advisors with the right target group

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Marcus Renziehausen

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More turnover for financial advisors with the right target group

More turnover for financial advisors with the right target group

Many financial advisors are struggling hard for their clients and deals. In order to please all their clients, many overtime hours are on the agenda, but often do not pay off in the end. That does not have to be the case! Because with the right target group an expert status, every financial advisor can successfully increase their sales. Marcus Renziehausen, Global Topspeaker, shows how this can be achieved in his trend-setting presentation.

Renziehausen’s experience as a management consultant for the financial sector is that many financial consultants lack clarity. They do not have long-term goals but live from one contract as a short-term success to the next. Therefore, every customer is right for them. That is why the pressure to sell is particularly high, but the advice they receive is not always the right one, often even bad. In his presentation, keynote speaker Marcus Renziehausen advises instead to concentrate on one target group and thus build a reliable customer base.

After all, if you know the expectations and wishes, the worries and fears of your target group exactly, you can offer concepts tailored to the customer and provide appropriate advice. A good example of this is a financial advisor who is specialized in the equestrian industry. He provides tailored offers for horses and riders and thus found his gap in the market – there are many such special examples. Strategy expert Marcus Renziehausen explains how financial advisors can use this knowledge to make a name for themselves as experts that other trust. This not only enables them to achieve a higher return per client, but also to develop a client relationship that has a long-term impact. Marketing campaigns for one’s customers in a targeted manner and do not run into nothing.

Way from the omnipresent salesman with superficial advice, towards a specialist with expert status – this is Marcus Renziehausen’s recommendation for every financial advisor who want to grow dynamically with his company and boost his own turnover in the long term. His presentation is therefore a clear recommendation for more focus, knowledge and resulting success. With clear words, the Global Topspeaker motivates people to actively take their career as financial advisors into their own hands and make positive changes.

Contents of the lecture:

  • Orientation: Which target group suits me as a financial advisor?
  • Acquisition: How and by what means can I best reach them?
  • Expert status: So, my target group cannot get past me?
  • Trust: How do I bind my customers to my financial advice in the long term?
  • Success: How can specialisation and expert status increase turnover?

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