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Move it - only those who act are successful

Lecture by
Norman Gräter

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Move it - only those who act are successful

Move it - only those who act are successful

„Would you like to accomplish something special in your life, do you have higher goals?“ 29% say yes, 65% no and 6% say I don’t know (source: Statista 2013). Those who belong to the 65% of the interviewees who answered „no“ cannot even be helped with inspiration about new things. Those, however, who have realized that life has to offer much more than Hartz 4 (unemployment benefit) and 20 hours of TV, can be helped.

Find out how you can change from NO or DON’T KNOW to YES. With “Erfolg hat nur, wer handelt” (Only those who act are successful) you will get an outline why we so often are content with the good instead of going for the extraordinary. Action comes from act and not from gab. And gabbing is – as we all know – much easier than grabbing the bull by the horns. Why is it that so many people in professional and private life talk big but leave the deeds to others?

Global Topspeaker Norman Graeter has a dream himself – in 2020, he is going to sell out Stuttgart’s Porsche Arena with his lecture and inspire 6,000 guests. This vision requires a complex foundation and precise planning. It does not take much to have a vision and to keep quiet about it. But to start selling tickets for the event six years ahead of time and to take people along on this journey on all channels, requires courage.

And for all those who already have a precise vision, this lecture will give them numerous ideas on making their life easier and more positive. Most often it is the little things we need to change to lead a more fulfilled life. During the lecture, the guests will also answer some questions that will help them on their way to their vision. For, without a vision and without moving it, there will be no results and most definitely no achievement of goals.

Content of the lecture:

  • Who programs the auto-pilot in our head & and how can I reprogram it
  • How do I inspire myself and others and what creates sustainable change
  • What keeps people from achieving their goals & how can this be modified easily
  • How do you find & accomplish your vision which is larger than yourself
  • Sensible communication in your professional and everyday life
  • Recognize your goal and go for it

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In business, new technologies as well as cost and time constraints are continuously increasing, the tasks are becoming more complex and versatile and competition is intensifying: No matter whether in a small family business, a mid-sized company or in a corporation, executives and entrepreneurs by definition bear a big responsibility and have to act as a role model. Many succeed in staying on the ball over a long period of time – motivated and successful. Those constantly overachieving, however, who at the same time have to fight on all fronts and are responsible for employees as well, run the risk of ending up on the dreaded hamster wheel.

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The biggest illusion that we humans have, is that our „head“ guides us through our daily life. However, our head is only the press officer. But who then is our body’s CEO and thus responsible for change? Who makes the decisions and who merely executes what is determined somewhere else? What is behind our own motivation and what does this have to do with our emotions? Is it really always the environment, technical progress, colleagues, superiors or the job that are to blame for a failure or do I control it all myself after all? It makes no sense to blame it all on digitisation, change in the world or disruption, however, as these are nothing but symptoms. We need to address the cause first.

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People’s fear of new technologies and artificial intelligence is steadily growing. Questions about the future and questions such as „With these prospects, how can I motivate myself time and again and get enthusiastic about new tasks?“ are being asked more and more frequently. An absolute horror scenario - from a personal as well as from a corporate point of view. To inspirer Norman Graeter, courage for the future is the key to success. Only those who are interested in new technologies, have a flexible mind and are prepared to change will find their place in the world of tomorrow long-term.