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3D printing, robots, automation processes and artificial intelligence: New Technologies such as these are bringing about radical change in our present living and working worlds and are no longer merely the “music of the future”. With all these developments - where do humans fit in? This is the question Global Topspeaker Richard de Hoop addresses in his fascinating presentation where he examines the topic „future“ from a social/psychological angle. By doing so, he alleviates his audience’s fear of change and demonstrates how everybody can continue to be useful to society.

Just as in his other presentations, the expert on motivation relies on music as a central and binding element. By means of music, the Dutchman - who is fluent in German and English – interconnects essential points and illustrates them. While doing so, he draws an exciting line from where we are today to our life in the future. For digitisation and globalisation even nowadays have a considerable impact and this impact is increasing at a tearing pace.

In many of us, thinking about such developments triggers a certain fear of the future: How will I be able to keep up? Will a machine take over my job? The insecurity about what tomorrow brings is also closely related to the stress and strain many of us experience today. By now, depression has already become one of the frequently occurring, common diseases. Richard de Hoop deals with these very fears. Amongst others, the experienced lecturer and keynote speaker talks about how to develop resilience and how – by way of motivation – you can make sure that you will still have value and play a permanent role in the society of the future.

Genuine and in a very personal way, he talks about how to deal with radical changes and losses. While suffering from a very serious, personal setback, Richard de Hoop learned that what you need is good friends who are willing to go through thick and thin with you. This is also where he sees an opportunity for the digital technologies of the future. For social networks in particular are essential to sustaining cohesion, humanity and collaborative work.

Richard de Hoop puts the audience in a positive mood with regard to the future. He motivates his audience to recognise and further develop those of their talents that will still be an asset in the years ahead. In addition, he conveys a sustainable, creative and solution-oriented way of thinking.

Contents of the presentation:

  • How to keep pace with the innovations of the future?
  • How to learn to properly deal with changes?
  • How to remain valuable as a human being?
  • How to recognise one’s individual talents?
  • Why will a personal network be so important in the future?

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