My son, the cyborg – How technology makes humans more human

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In this presentation, Sven Gabor Janszky - Germany’s most innovative futurologist - does away with one of the most widespread misunderstandings of our times: Supposedly, technology is cold and inhuman. And artificial intelligence will degrade humans to the second most intelligent species and therefore lead to the apocalypse. None of which is true, says Sven Gabor Janszky. With charm and lots of verve, the Chairman of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank explains how today’s development is part of normal human evolution. Yes, computers will be more intelligent than humans. And yes, this will happen smack in the middle of our children’s lifetime, probably around 2050 – this is how the renowned expert on the future starts out on his journey through time and into the future.

But then, Global Topspeaker Sven Gabor Janszky deviates from the common arguments stated in the books on the apocalypse or in commentaries published by the newspapers. Using his own son as a concrete example, he describes the future world of technology. A world, in which only superhumanly intelligent computers will have been able to solve the world’s problems - caused by average human intelligence in the first place. They will manage climate change, establish a regenerative energy system, democratise education, prevent terror attacks and achieve major scientific breakthroughs in medicine.

Futurologist Sven Gabor Janszky asks: Are today’s humans the ideal end result of evolution? Only to answer his own question shortly afterwards by saying we are far from it. We are probably even the most stupid species of all that has been in a position to establish a civilisation… If so, however, future human beings will differ from us.

Janszky’s prognosis is clear and concise: The generation of our kids will have experienced for themselves that computers do improve the body. They will have had tiny robots injected into their veins that will then find pathogens and render them harmless. They will appreciate the help of those little chips under their skin by which they cannot only hear and see better than human beings before them but also taste, feel and smell better. And that will present our children and grandchildren with totally new emotions, the generation of their fathers today isn’t even aware of yet. And maybe they will also have experimented with those brain chips that promise to interconnect their brains with the memory and intelligence of all other human brains. „Let’s face it: Our children will become cyborgs! “, says Janszky.

But then, the trend researcher asks the question of all questions: With this kind of experiences, will our children feel less human than their old parents? Or will they consider their humanity to have increased? And will they decline the opportunity to become more human only because they would need to have three little chips implanted under their skin? No! „Technology makes us humans more human!“, is his optimistic conclusion.

Keynote speaker Sven Gabor Janszky dismisses the common horror scenarios of the generation of keepers and rejecters as myths. Based on his unique insider knowledge about the world’s most innovative technological developments, his clear and analytical view and his authentic charm as a human being and dad, he tells the story of his son’s future. And at the same time, he tells the story of how our children will make use of the technological development to live a happier, more independent and more human life than their parents were able to – provided their parents let them!

This brilliant and detailed journey into the future of our children will fascinate you and your guests. Experience a speaker who – at any moment and with every word – shows how much he loves the future and loves shaping it with his own hands for the benefit of his children.

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