NAVIGATING YOUR FUTURE: Success Strategies for Women in Business

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Are there things men can do, but women cannot? Can one even pose this question without appearing discriminatory? “Yes, one can,” says Stefanie Voss, expert in questions of gender and leadership. And she finds that in fact it must be asked, if we wish to find why there are so few women in the corridors of power.

From her many years of experience in international corporations, Global Top Speaker Stefanie Voss knows that there are many well educated and highly motivated women in business today. She was herself promoted by the age of 31 to a department head position in a German DAX-rated company. Why is it though, that the active promotion of women is still the exception and not the rule?

“Women can actually do too much rather than too little, that’s the problem!” Drawing on her managerial experience, Stefanie Voss shows in this exciting and often provocative speech why misunderstanding the subtle but important difference between our actions and other’s perceptions can lead to problems. Are we seen as simply “doing our job well”, like a drone in a hive, or are we seen as a leader?

“Management and leadership are two very different things. Women must understand this, and then act! This is where the solution begins!” The circumnavigator and communication expert Stefanie Voss incites us with practical advice on how to set bold goals, lead yourself, and speak clearly without being anyone’s worker bee.

Contents of the presentation:

  • Leadership and gender: a landscape of tensions
  • The subtle difference between “management” and “leadership”
  • Women can do anything, except say no
  • Breaking the glass ceiling: reactionary followers or proactive leaders?
  • Gaining a tailwind: provide your own momentum

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