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No culture change, no perspective!

Lecture by
Michelle Euzet

No culture change, no perspective!

Lecture contents

  • Only organisations that are always on the move remain fit for the future.
  • Living common values... and consciously changing: So that the company remains agile and fit for the future!
  • Cultural change is not a project, but an indispensable skill.

Gibt es einen Kulturwandel? - Michelle Euzet

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No culture change, no perspective!

Every modern company takes cosmopolitanism and tolerance for granted - whether it is an SME, a global corporation or an NGO. But it takes much more than diversity on paper: it takes a cultural change, across sectors and companies! How do you achieve a real cultural change in companies and organisations? How can an existing corporate culture be changed sustainably and effectively?

Diversity expert Michelle Euzet stands for true and sustainable culture change as well as diversity in companies. The Caribbean-born Frenchwoman's career has been marked by leadership positions in central marketing in B2B corporations in the automotive supply and logistics sectors. This lecture gets down to the nitty-gritty without pointing the finger. Michelle Euzet humorously invites you to reflect on yourself and your own company and provides concrete food for thought and recommendations for action for a real cultural change and a diverse, great and successful future!

"It's not a digital transformation without a digital culture" was the title of the Boston Consulting Group's analysis of around 40 companies back in 2018. The study proves: Without a focus on cultural change, the longed-for digital transformation will not succeed. This makes cultural change vital for survival and a strategic corporate goal! What is needed is a genuine "cultural revision ©", 5 maxims and a pragmatic 5-phase model - from management affirmation to success control.

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