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No pit crew - no title motivation&team-building in companies and racing

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Ellen Lohr

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No pit crew - no title motivation&team-building in companies and racing

No pit crew - no title motivation&team-building in companies and racing

Every success in motor sports is a team effort. However, the audience in general only pays homage to the winner on the podium. Ellen Lohr experienced this phenomenon herself: in countless races, she has won many titles and celebrated her biggest triumph when, in 1992 she was the first and only woman to win a race in the German Touring Car Championship DTM.

However, without a well-coordinated and motivated team, such a success would have been impossible. But how do you motivate every single team member as well as the pit crew to give their best in order to deliver top performance? Using a racing stint at the world‘s toughest off-road race, the Rally Dakar, for an example, Ellen Lohr demonstrates, how the efficient motivation of employees and team-building can result in jointly reaching the best success possible.

Successes in sales and racing, innovations and visions, resistance and communication – many structures in motor sports and business are alike. No matter whether in the gravel dessert of the Rally Dakar or in the office tower of a big city, team work, efficiency, finding individual solutions and the best communication and motivation possible determine success and decide if a victory can be achieved within a certain time frame or not.

Ellen Lohr‘s presentation contains impressive visual material and fascinating shots of South-America’s vastness and therefore, all the more conveys the impression of unlimited opportunities that are waiting to be seized.

With powerful verbal images and the rhetorical competence of an experienced live presenter and TV commentator, Ellen Lohr also manages to captivate the interest of motor sports rookies and to inspire them with her topics.

Ellen Lohr attaches great importance to tailoring her presentations to the respective customer and is also pleased to offer presentations on other topics all around communication, team, motivation, technology and motor sports.

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