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The world population is growing – but how to feed everyone then? All over the world, scientists are currently looking into this matter in order be able to meet the future demand for food. Global Topspeaker Michael Carl knows what new technologies will profoundly change our way of eating soon or what the nutrition of the future will be like. In his presentation, the trend researcher looks outside the box and at the future trends in nutrition.

What ends up on our table in the future will have to meet two criteria above all: On the one hand, it must be healthy and on the other, it needs to be resource-friendly. Being one of Germany’s most famous known trend researchers, Michael Carl illustrates in his keynote, how digital gadgets and apps will help us to keep a closer eye on our health and to improve it with appropriate nutrition. Vitamin deficiencies will thus be detected early on and illnesses can even be prevented. Food producers will recognise this trend and launch DNA compatible food products that match our individual health profile and our genetic code. In the future, even our performance and our ability to concentrate can be increased by the proper food products. Speaker Carl reveals what kind of brain food for self-optimisation will soon be available on the mass market.

At the same time, scientists all over the world are currently searching for alternative protein sources to replace our present meat dishes. From insect burgers to a schnitzel emerging from a 3D printer up to cloned steaks originating from a test tube - the experienced lecturer and keynote speaker Michael Carl presents on stage which ideas are truly realistic and therefore will prevail.

In order to protect resources, scientists are also developing technologies to prevent future food waste and to prolong the products’ shelf life. Currently, tons of food are still wasted. We only use a small percentage of what is produced effectively. Futurologist Michael Carl demonstrates how we can use artificial intelligence to the effect that, for instance, our fridge will let us know when to use up which foods and will even provide us with the respective cooking schedules.

Contents of the presentation:

  • Health: How digital gadgets will help us with proper nutrition in the future
  • Personalisation: How companies can develop individual food products
  • Brain food: How nutrition can increase brain performance
  • Meat substitutes: Which alternatives will prevail in the future
  • Shelf life: How less food will end up in the waste bin in the future

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