Parallels between business and football

There are amazing parallels between football coaches and business team leaders. In this presentation of our Global Topspeakers you will find ideas and practical tips for all managers.

Football is a major business with billions in turnover generated worldwide. But as in business, major goals in football can only be achieved as part of a motivated team. How does one create a world-class football club? How do you motivate players and teams? And what can you take from that experience and apply to a business company?

Even those less interested in football will be amazed by the similarities which exist between employees and players and how such insights can have a decisive influence on the success of a company.


  • Short video to get people in the mood
  • Decision-making strategies in football and business
  • Motivation strategies for coaches and managers
  • Team-building activities
  • Planning, implementation, monitoring and success of training activities and processes in sport and business
  • The coach and his entourage – the boss and his employees

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