Passionate about new ideas: Think innovative!

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Bernhard Wolff

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Passionate about new ideas: Think innovative!

Bernhard Wolff inspires men and women to invest in new ideas. His performances motivate others to think and act in more innovative ways. The atmosphere he creates enables participants to open up mentally, so that every conference has a successful outcome – wherever change, innovation and the future are at the heart of the matter.

With a degree in pedagogy relating specifically to the field of economics (Diplom-Wirtschaftspädagoge), he is an expert in creativity and communication. His company Think-Theatre GmbH focuses on intelligent entertainment and has already been involved in organizing over 400 conferences and events. With appearances in over 50 TV shows, Bernhard Wolff is also known as an entertainer who performs an act called “Speaking backwards”. In addition, he is the author of the well-known book “Denken hilft” (Thinking helps).

In his keynote speech “Passionate about new ideas – think innovative!”, Global Top Speaker Bernhard Wolff conveys his 20 years of experience as a creative thinker, consultant and provider of new ideas. The length of his speech varies between 30 to 70 minutes, and the speech may be extended by adding a “dialogue module”.  To complement the speech, you can also book an entertainment slot, with Bernhard Wolff performing his act “Speaking backwards”.

  • What does the speech offer?The speech serves to motivate others to think and act in more imaginative ways. Bernhard Wolff introduces and conveys in a refreshingly lively manner successful thinking techniques for new ideas, identifies key factors in creating an innovative climate, and highlights many opportunities for creative communication. The speech will transform your employees into creative thinkers!
  • Successful thinking techniques to promote new ideas
  • From the very first moment, Bernhard Wolff inspires passion for new ideas and stimulates his listeners mentally to full speed. To achieve this, he uses his toolbox of successful thinking techniques: the participants will not only experience the baffling effects of pictures in their heads, but they will also invent new products and services using creative associations and resolve problems by changing perspectives; they will question assumptions, unlock new opportunities, think outside the box, generate ideas and look at the future. With much humour and in cabaret-style, Bernhard Wolff will make them aware how much of the way they act is influenced by patterns of perception and behaviour. For those who can smile about their habits, can also break with them!
  • Key factors in creating an innovation climate
  • Wolffs’ motto reads: All members of staff are creative, if they are allowed to be! Whether such creative resources are allowed to manifest themselves depends primarily on the famous “climate”. However, what does such an innovation climate look like, where people are allowed to be actively involved in the thinking and creative processes? And what are the requirements for the necessary intrinsic motivation? Bernhard Wolff provides an overview on the basis of the scientific findings by Harvard Professor Teresa M. Amabile, and this causes him to discover surprising similarities between the cartoon character Vicky the Viking and the reality of many companies
  • The many opportunities for creative communication
  • Even if many people work together, collective or “swarm” intelligence is not necessarily activated! It depends on our attitude, and the way in which we communicate whether the creative spark can make the leap, and fan into flame the innovation process. Based on his experience as a creative director and conference host, Bernhard Wolff reveals the opportunities for creative communication and explains how to put them to good use.
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