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Power Play – Business Comedy

Lecture by
Armin Nagel

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Power Play – Business Comedy

Power Play – Business Comedy

The business comedy show that addresses the modern worlds of work - ideal as evening entertainment programme of conferences, workshops or corporate events.

In a combination of stand-up comedy, visual / artistic comedy and interactive features, Armin Nagel, also known by his stage name Waldemar Müller, will furiously entertain your audience in an evening entertainment programme. Nagel received part of his training at the British national Circus Theatre School in Bristol. As a business comedian who looks back on more than 2,000 live performances, he is bound to contribute not only to the professional, but also to the emotional success of your event. Interactive, sensitive and always with a punch-line up his sleeve, his stage show will take up the questions and contents of your event from an entirely new angle.

In a selection of his best sketches, customized to accommodate your individual needs, Global Top Speaker Armin Nagel presents himself as a cunning business expert: from his haphazard balancing on the career ladder to his Power ‘Bürobic’, from his world record attempt at non-stop service provision to his financial juggling: Armin Nagel pushes the limits of the modern world of work! With his humour and his open, charming manner, he invariably succeeds in creating a respectful atmosphere in which everyone feels at ease. By laughing together, people will more readily break the ice and engage in conversation. 

Contents of the talk:

  • Power ‘Bürobic’ (a sweat-inducing workout at the desk)
  • Power motivation (Waldemar Müller climbs the career ladder with the help of two volunteers)
  • Power jobbing (‘financial juggling’)
  • Power service (Waldemar Müller attempts to break the world record of power service provision: 20 services in only 45 seconds!)
  • Various visual acts – ideal also for international audiences