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Ready for Take-off - Error Culture and Learning Organisation

Lecture by
Peter Brandl

Ready for Take-off - Error Culture and Learning Organisation

Lecture contents

  • Blame Culture, GAIN Culture or simply "Cover your Ass".
  • Why concealing mistakes is worse than the mistake itself
  • Mistake, error, intent - different types of mistakes and strategies to deal with them

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Ready for Take-off - Error Culture and Learning Organisation

Positive error culture; welcoming the error as a learning opportunity - fine-sounding words, but mostly nothing but hot air. In reality, blame is sought, responsibility is shifted and mistakes are covered up. And this is exactly where the problem lies: when mistakes are covered up, it is impossible to learn from them. The result: they happen again and again.

When mistakes happen in aviation, people often die. So it's only natural that pilots deal intensively with the topic of error management and "learning from mistakes" - after all, they are affected themselves.

In companies, things are different. Instead of seeing mistakes as learning opportunities, there is often a "cover your ass" culture in which decisions are often made in such a way that the person affected covers his or her own ass - no matter what that means for the system.

This talk is about how to actually develop a more constructive error culture. In aviation, we depend on errors being systematically processed and analysed - and that the findings are available to everyone. Only in this way can we ensure that flying becomes ever safer and more reliable. As a trainer for pilots and cockpit crews, Peter Brandl works with airlines on this important task. The "human factor" has inspired him since the beginning of pilot training.

You can transfer the strategies from pilot and crew training to your company, your team. Because aircraft are controlled by people, just like teams and companies - and therefore it is obvious to transfer the insights from one area to the other! With his exciting lectures, pilot Peter Brandl does just that: he transfers the most exciting stories and the most successful strategies from aviation to business and thus brings your company up to flying height!

It's about much more than just mistakes or quality losses:

How is it that we regularly produce innovative ideas, but someone else takes the credit? How is it that we get stuck in perfectionism while someone else clears the market with a mediocre product? We have to become faster. And you don't get faster with perfectionism. To become faster, we need a different way of dealing with mistakes and failures.

Agility requires adaptability and thus learning. But we can only learn if we are willing to try something out.

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