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Resilience: Key skill of the future

Lecture by
Dr. Phil. Brigitte Bösenkopf

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Resilience: Key skill of the future

Resilience: Key skill of the future

How do people stay healthy despite continuous load? How does a company prevent increasing sick days of employees and employees falling out for longer periods? How do I stay motivated and resistant towards stress? The answers to those questions and the key to success for companies is the key skill resilience. In her practical lecture on topics like resilience and motivation the expert for stress prevention Dr. Brigitte Bösenkopf shows, which qualities optimistic people developed and remain solution-orientated and resilient in crisis situations.

Especially in economically unsecure times, leaders have to give their employees a sense of security. Every company needs resilient and motivated leaders, to withstand the following years of change. That’s why the introduction of resilience starts on the management level. Resilient leaders cause resilient employees which in turn cause resilient and satisfied clients. It is however important to acquire the key skill resilience early because in stress situation there is no time to learn how to act resilient.

The expert for stress management and burnout-prevention, Dr. Brigitte Bösenkopf is the founder of the stress centre in Vienna, supervises several leaders from different industries. In her practical lecture “Resilience: Key skill of the future” the psychologist Dr. Bösenkopf shows, which benefits resilient persons have, how a company enhances the resistance of employees and how employees can learn to see change and upheavals positive. The Global Topspeaker delivers the right tools that you should know to act resilient. With practical examples the psychologist shows how companies and organisations can train their collective resistance and emerge strengthened out of any crisis. Because resilient people don’t just see the catastrophe in the crisis, but rather the interstop to their next success.

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